Here is what some of members, visitors and pros have said recently about 13th Beach

“I have a lot of great memories here, it was pretty much my first pro win. I haven’t been back since, but it’s nice to be back and the course is in great shape.” 

Minjee Lee


“I love the event here and I love being around my family and friends and it’s a tournament I think I can win and I love playing the courses here.”

Richard Green


“The golf courses are awesome.”

Robert Allenby


“I think it’s fantastic. The courses are great, especially the Beach course. I think it’s stunning…”

Melissa Reid


“We invested in Thirteenth Beach Golf Links from the outset, a decision we don’t regret at the least.  We’ve really enjoyed being part of what is becoming a great club and a great environment.  We’re enjoying being members of the club – we’re very well looked after by the staff, and appreciate the company of other members.  We’ve watched the Beach Course develop into one of the very best coastal courses in Australia.  The Creek Course looks set to match the challenge and quality of The Beach course, meaning that Thirteenth Beach will soon be one of the great multi-course golf complexes in Australia.  It will only get better from here!”

Grant & Lisa Phelps, Handicap 14 & 28, Landowners

“The Beach Course ranked 14th in Australia with The Creek Course appearing an equal test, the professionalism and friendliness of both the clubhouse and ground staff, all adds up to a fantastic evolving golf club.  What a beautiful place to be!!”

John Bell, Handicap 3, Resident

“Each shot is a choice at Thirteenth Beach, on either course.  Wind direction and strength change constantly leading to a challenge for the thinking golfer.  It doesn’t change on the greens where pace and line create options to consider.  A truly testing round awaits all golfers.”

David Peebles, Handicap 8, Resident

“I have been a member at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links since day one, and I just love the place.  The Beach Course is interesting, challenging and always enjoyable.  I also enjoy the friendly and informal atmosphere of the club and clubhouse.  I am really looking forward to tackling The Creek Course.”

Bruce Nunn, Handicap 4, member

“Two great courses, challenging and different, are good enough reason to love 13th Beach.  Throw in the relaxing informality in the clubhouse and welcoming staff plus three great pros and a recently redeveloped practice area and members will tell you it is just irresistible.  The corporate club structure is superior to traditional clubs and annual subs are competitive. As a resident for the past six years, I have yet to see a more classy residential development and can’t imagine a friendlier place to live, with easy access to sand, surf and city.”

Alan Lipshut, Resident